vktool : Check and modify Creo NC tools

Verify and modify parameters and coordinate systems in tools



vktool 1

Creo NC lacks the ability to check tools to see if they are fully defined.

If tools are created manually or imported from tool databases
tools may be incomplete and therefore cannot be used in Creo Manufacturing.
vktool supports you in the creation, modification and correction of tools.

Functions in vktool:

  • Listing of all necessary and optional features for the tool (parameters, dimensions and coordinate systems)
  • Listing of components for multi-part 3D tools
  • Representation of the characteristics by categories:
    • mandatory / optional
    • defined / not defined
    • changeable / not changeable
    • Coordinate system
    • Parameters
    • Dimension
  • Supported tools
    • 3D single part
    • 3D assembly
    • Parameter tool
  • Add, modify and delete features (not in the free version)