NC Postprozessoren


NC Postprocessors


We have many years of experience in NC manufacturing.

Due to the close cooperation with our customers we know the requirements of modern NC processing.

An important component of a problem-free manufacturing process is the postprocessor.
Especially with surfaces that are becoming more and more complex and the demands on surface quality are getting higher and higher, an optimal utilization of the capabilities of your machines and the control system is of great importance.
A postprocessor that supports these specific functions plays an important role here.

We adapt the postprocessor according to your wishes, so that you can use your machining centre optimally.

Our customers include well-known companies that successfully use our postprocessors.


A selection of our post processors:

DMG Mori
  • DMC60 P
  • DMC80 FD
  • DMU100 T
  • DMU125 C millplus
  • DMU50 V millplus
  • DMU60
  • DMU60 p millplus
  • DMU60 t
  • DMU80
  • CTX beta 800 TC
  • DMF 180
F. Zimmermann
  • FZ35
  • GrindSmart® 630XS

  • MCP H250
  • MCH 280c
  • MCi 25
  • Unipro 90
  • 1200 U
  • C 600 U
  • C 40 U
  • G300
  • 630
  • VTC-800
  • I-200 
  • MC-660
  • VTC-800
  • I-200
  • BF 23